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Bing Bong Report

Bing Bong is a sensory input/output entity descended from the heavenly cosmos. Bing Bong is equipped with sensory pores (eyes, ears, mouth, tentacles),  a boundless sense of curiosity, and a hankering for delicious colours, love beams, and alternate realities. Bing Bong is often human-like but has a tendency to shape shift.

The Bing Bong Report is a semi-frequent disseminating of information, images, and other gleanings. If would like to receive juicy downloads of radical imagination to your sacred email device, please vibe-subscribe below. 

“Now that you mention it yes I would like to receive BingBong transmissions.”

Bing Bong Investigation Request

Bing Bong is highly mobile by hitchhike, boat, and spacecraft. If you would like Bing Bong to spend time in your neck of the woods, to investigate an issue of your interest, to make a film or photograph, to write you a story, song, poem, or radio play, please email behindtwoeyelids@gmail.com with the subject “BingBing request.”